Candyce Carlberg


  • CERTIFIED YOGA INSTRUCTOR - Maximum Performance Yoga for Athletes

  • CPR & FIRST AID - American Heart Association

Candyce comes from an athletic background, playing basketball her whole life. Her passion and love for the game has coincided with her love for fitness.  Better said now, "for the love of the body",  you see, after undergoing eight knee operations, Candyce has now spent over 10 years of her life learning how to rehabilitate the body in order to properly function post surgical traumas. The simple fact that she can run races, jump over obstacles, and perform at the level she does is a true testament to her upbringing and the character she built through sports.  Firmly believing that having the right attitude as well as great coaches and doctors along the way, is WHAT IT TAKES.


Candyce shares her life's experience and knowledge through fitness; believing that her contribution of exceptional practical knowledge gives her an edge over the competition.  For example, have you ever gone to a trainer who tells you to do a bunch of squats and your knees and back are sore for days on end? Well here at #TEAMFIT, Candyce certainly makes it a point to be sure your fundamentals are where they NEED to be before moving forward.  This is huge when it comes to those who are beginning their fitness journey.  Basically you’re getting a lot of physical therapist type input, plus a personal trainer, without having to pay for their credentials.


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